Puro na lang tayo fast food, puro chicken, puro karne. Kaya ngayong tanghali, gulay naman ang ating ihahain sa ating hapag kainan.


Isa na naman pong lutong pinoy ang featured ngayon sa ating Tikim Pinoy Blog. Ito ay ang gulay na paborito rin ng karamihan, ang upo.


Isa ito sa mga luto na paborito ng aking asawa. Baguio BEans na hinaluan ng manok.


Chicken adobo, isa sa pinaka paborito kong pagkain, maging tanghalian man oh ulam sa hapunan.


Pinakbet o Pakbet ay isang klase ng lutong ulam ng mga pilipino na ang mga sangkap ay puro gulay.

Food Trip: Mushroom Burger

Mushroom at your burger? Isa akong taong mahilig sa Burger, kahit ano pa yan basta burger yan.


Ginataan, ang mga bicolano at bicolana talaga ay sadyang magagaling magluto pagdating sa mga gatang lutin. Isa sa mga paborito kong gata ay ang lutong gatang yellow fin.


Nakatikim ka na ba ng Chicken Mole? Kung hindi pa ay narito ang mga sangkap at ang paraan ng pagluluto nito.


Di mawawala sa hapag kainan ng mga pinoy ang lechon. May lechong baboy, lechong manok at iba pang pwedeng i-lechon.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas to all!

Watch what you're eating this holiday season! Eat healthy! Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Food Trip: Bakers Fair Hopia

A Chinese cuisine who were known to Filipinos named "Hopia". This food comes from different flavors like ube, monggo (beans), baboy (pork) and many more as Filipino-Chinese people experiments on how to have a new taste on it.

As I taste this Bakers Fair Hopia, It reminds me of a Chinese food who is very known in Binondo (China Town in Philippines), none other than Eng Bee Tin of Mr. Gerry Chua.

Eng Bee Tin was famous in their Hopiang Ube and other Chinese cuisine. 

His huge contributions adding a new flavor to their Hopia gives them fame not only to his restaurants but also to his name.

He was called, Mr. Ube. He's Siapao taste good too.

But lets be back to this Hopia store who I think that their food taste good also. In fact when me and my wife visited Quiapo, we always get the chance to buy some Hopia here and even take it home.

The Bakers Fair store is located near Raon in the Street of Quezon Ave near Quiapo Church (beside the store of tailor shops for tactical pants and garments).

 Tikim Pinoy Rating - (ratings: 5 being highest)


Friday, December 6, 2013

Nilagang BUto Buto (Braised Beef Ribs)

Narito naman sa ibaba ang mga sangkap at paraan ng pagluto ng Nilagang Buto Buto o Braised Beef Ribs. Enjoy!

Mga Sangkap:

baguio beans
spare ribs
pork broth cube
salt to taste

Paraan ng Pagluto:
1. pakuluan ang spare ribs para lumambot
2. kapag malambot na, ilagay na ang onion, pepper, pork broth cube at salt to taste hayaang kumulo ng 3 mins
3. after ilagay na ang potato at baguio beans hayaang maluto ang nasabing mga gulay dagdagan ng asin ayun sa panlasa
4. kapag malambot na ang potato ilagay na din ang repolyo hayaang maluto 
5. hanguin sa apoy at iserve ng mainit.
6. Gumawa ng sawsawan ng naayon sa gusto. Sakin kasi patis na may kalamansi. =)

Happy Dinner!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Puro na lang tayo fast food, puro chicken, puro karne. Kaya ngayong tanghali, gulay naman ang ating ihahain sa ating hapag kainan.

Alam nyo na ba ang lutong "Laswa"? 

Ang Laswa ang isang lutong puro gulay ang sahog. Laswa ang tawag dito ng mga Ilonggos. "Dinengdeng" naman ang tawag dito ng mga Ilocanos at "Bulanglang" sa mga tagalog.

Sa mga hindi pa nakakaalam ng luting ito, nawa'y matulungan kayo ng Tikim Pinoy na matutunan ito. 

Narito ang mga ingredients at ang paraan ng pagluto.

Mga Sangkap:

- okra
- kalabasa
- talong
- sitaw
- bulaklak ng kalabasa
- saluyot
- maggic sarap
- bagoong isda
- water
- sibuyas
- kamatis

Paraan ng Pagluluto:

- pakuluan ung tubig
- then lagay ung kamatis at sibuyas
- pag kumulo na maglagay ng 3-5 kutsara ng bagoong isda
- hayaan kumulo for 2 mins.
- then ilagay na ung talong, okra, sitaw, kalabasa hayaang kumulo for 5-7 mins
- then ilagay na ung bulaklak ng kalabasa at saluyot then timplahan ng maggic sarap at konting asin.
- hayaang kumulo at iserve 

Happy tanghalian! Kainan na!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Food Trip: D' House of Calamares

As we (me and my two girls) get tired of walking and walking inside the mall, it's time for us to hunt for our merienda.

We don't want another fast food resto today or exactly meaning a fries or a burger. So we decided to look for our food at the Food Court.

Of course there's a lot of delicacies around here that we don't usually see in a fast food restaurant. My wife craved nothing but seafood and of course as a lovely husband, I look for what she is craving.

Then I saw this C' House of Calamares. Looks yummy and attracted me to taste some. I ordered Calamares (squid tentacles fried) and a Lobster Ball (rolled lobster) with P35 and P40 each respectively.

The taste is good. And we seriously enjoyed our merienda. The D' House of Calamares is located outside the Market Market Supermarket at the Basement.

Tikim Pinoy Rating -

Friday, November 1, 2013

Food Trip: McDonald's Chicken McSpicy Burger

Favorite ko ang burger, so I have to taste this Chicken McSpicy Burger ng Mcdo. As I tasted it, pasado to sa panlasa ko at talagang maanghang sya ha.

Spicy nga eh.

Mabilis lang naubos, parang regular burger nga lang sya sa akin eh. Partida maanghang pa yun ha. Perfect to para sa ayaw ng mag rice tulad ko that time when I ordered it. 

Ambigat na rin kasi sa tiyan na parang nag 2 rice na rin ako. Yun nga lang, sana mas malaki next time kasi parang bitin pa nung naubos ko na.

Sabi ko, ubos na? Hahaha. Oh talagang matakaw lang ako at gutom na gutom na that time. 


Oh sige na, you better try this guys. And Tikim Pinoy will rate this with a 4 stars!

Tikim Pinoy Rating -

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Smarter than your smartphone?

Who is smarter, you or your smartphone? Regardless of which one would win the IQ test, there are plenty of ways your smartphone can help you be smarter, whether at work, school, or personal development. Think of it as outsourcing some of your intelligence so you can use the extra energy for other things. Considering for example you pay forBlackBerry Z10 price or iPhone price for all the benefit you can get, for education purpose or to ease your daily life from cooking to business use.

But with all of the “productivity” apps out there, it can be difficult to determine which ones are for you. To help you be more discerning, we’ve gathered together the top apps for students and business people. Take a look below and see if any of them can help you manage the chaos.

Dropbox Mobile

Do you find yourself scrambling to find different files throughout the day, whether they are notes for class or expense reports for your next big meeting? Dropbox will allow you to upload and access your files from your computer so that you don’t have to wade through email attachments. You can even use the mobile app to upload pictures and information from your phone and keep everything in one place.


This fun app provides you random city restaurants to try on so if you don’t know what to eat, this will definitely help you to decide by shaking your phone and it will randomly generate a restaurant on your screen. It’s free to download and has reviews for every nearby restaurant recommended.


A fun and social app, Duolingo lets you create a profile and compete against your Facebook friends in educational games to help you learn a second language. You can choose from Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. It’s a great choice if you’ve got a test in Spanish coming up, or if you are trying to prepare for an overseas transfer.

Khan Academy

This incredibly detailed set of educational references is listed for free at the Apple App Store. Within the app you can access a wide range of subjects and see exclusive instructional content, covering everything from math to finance to English literature.


A popular productivity app, Evernote helps you take better notes, whether you want to cut and paste text or scribble a quick note on the screen of your iPad. The app also allows you to sync with your computer so you can have everything in one place.

Wolfram Alpha

Available for just a few dollars on multiple platforms, Wolfram Alpha is like a dictionary for math. The app contains hundreds of formulas, graphs and techniques for solving problems. It’s a great choice for students who may need a different explanation of the material than what they’re getting from the classroom, or anyone who may need a math refresher.

A Final Note

While all of these apps are great, they can only take you so far. Ultimately, you’re the one who has to show up and take the test in the end, and your teacher isn’t going to like it if you keep looking at your BlackBerry Z10. Remember to use your smartphone as a tool, not as a crutch. That way, you’ll be sure to get all of your work done as efficiently as possible.

Pictures’ credit sources:,,

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